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Manuals & Toolkits: Gender in Agriculture from Policy to Practice

GAPP Toolkit

Between 2013 and 2016, Lutheran World Relief in collaboration with ASONOG and LWF implemented the Gender in Agriculture from Policy to Practice (GAPP) project in western Honduras. Funded by USAID, the project piloted a new methodology that integrates a women’s leadership approach with masculinity approaches to advocate for policies that increase women’s access to resources for
agricultural production.

This Toolkit tells the story of the GAPP project. It describes the context, the actors, the main activities, and the successes and challenges encountered over the course of the project. It relates the collective learnings about this new approach gathered from the GAPP partners with the hope that it provides useful information for practitioners interested in replicating a similar process in other places. The Toolkit details the main components of the approach, provides useful material used during the implementation of GAPP, and provides reflections from the implementing organizations.

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