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Project Promise Expands Kit Ministry

IN OUR LAST ISSUE, WE INTRODUCED YOU TO A NEW FOCUS ON KITS, CALLED PROJECT PROMISE. Through Project Promise, we’ll invite more of our neighbors than ever before into this ministry of service. For many years, the contents of kits and the act of service to our neighbors have brought together Lutherans and their friends to help people around the world. Perhaps the most incredible aspect of this ministry is the connection between ourselves and those we serve.

In the aftermath of the earthquakes in Nepal in 2015, Personal Care Kits were distributed to families devastated by the disaster. In Jordan, Syrian refugee children received School Kits, which break down barriers to an education for kids who have had to leave everything behind.

And in this issue, you will read about students in Tanzania, who received LWR Quilts and Kits, and about how their teacher is incorporating useful information about the kits into the
lesson plans.

Stories like these motivate us to continue to build this ministry — to continue to build kits and to invite others to build kits, so we can reach more people than ever before with the tangible, transformational love of Christ through our gifts of hands and hearts. We are also moved by the knowledge that transformation can occur within our own communities through a ministry like Project Promise.

Are you ready to share Project Promise with your friends and neighbors? We have built a website just for the kit ministry, with easy-to-share resources and information. Whether you need a flier to advertise a kit-making event or step-by-step instructions for creating a School Kit, is your one-stop shop for all of the information you need to share the Project Promise story.

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As you continue to build kits and share this ministry, please share your good work and see the momentum build around the country by posting photos and stories to social media with #KitsOfCare.

To learn more about Project Promise or to get resources to share this ministry in your community, visit

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