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This Easter, fill your baskets with hope!

Celebrate the joy of Easter with an LWR Gift! As you gather with family and friends, here are a few gifts that will fill your baskets with hope for people in need around the world.

LWR Hens & Chicks

Hen and Chicks

For a woman in El Salvador or Indonesia, a farm hen and chicks means eggs to eat, eggs to sell and chicks to grow a flock. Empower a woman and give the gift that keeps on giving … independence, sustainability and success.

Give LWR Hens & Chicks!


LWR Playground Toys

Playground Toys

For children living through war, disaster or poverty, playtime is a much needed escape from the harsh realities of life. All too often, parents struggling to make ends meet have to make tough choices. Food takes priority over toys. Give refugee children in Kenya an avenue into their imaginations and an outlet to play out their hopes and dreams.

Give LWR Playground Toys!

LWR Sheep


Livestock provide nutrition and income to farming families. But when feeding the family is tough, it makes keeping livestock tougher. Give a farming family in Burkina Faso the gift of a sheep, feed, and basic veterinary care – providing a source of milk and money.

Give an LWR Sheep!


LWR Goat

A hearty goat can survive in parts of the world where food supply is precarious, providing milk and income. Feed a family in Latin America, Africa or Asia with the gift of a Goat — not just for one day, but for a lifetime.

Give an LWR Goat!



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