2017 Hunger Challenge

Thank you for helping us reach our goal of raising $200,000 by March 15 to help families feed themselves!

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What You Support

If you’ve eaten three meals a day this week, then you are truly blessed. And you are more fortunate than many families in Haiti. Families like Lindor Wisly’s.

Lindor is a coffee farmer who lives in the village of Dondon in a mountainous region of Haiti. He supports his mother, wife and two sons. For his whole life, he’s struggled to stay ahead of hunger in a country where political and natural disasters, like hurricane Matthew, have struck over and over.

But thanks to Lutheran World Relief donors like you, Lindor has received life-changing training to improve his coffee production. He’s also learned how to grow other crops — like mangoes, yams and plantains — to help feed his family. And this helps sustain them through the lean months between coffee harvests.

Your gift will create long-term change for someone in urgent need. Thanks to help from friends like you, Lindor has been able to harvest more coffee and food and save enough to pay for school fees for his sons. And he’s so grateful for your support.

Coffee harvest season ends soon in Haiti, and Lindor is depending on his new crops and training to hold off hunger and provide for his family until August, when the next coffee harvest begins. Your support helps families like his survive.

Please give a gift today to help a hardworking family like Lindor’s fight poverty and create a sustainable life. If God has blessed you with the ability to help, please give to the Hunger Challenge today.