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Technical Profiles: Still a Dream: Land Restitution on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast

Colombia Policy Land Victims

In June 2012, staff from Lutheran World Relief, the Latin America Working Group Education Fund, and Agenda Caribe toured the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, the provinces of Sucre, Córdoba and Bolívar, to investigate whether displaced communities are starting to be able to return to their land and whether the Colombian government’s landmark initiative, the Victims’ and Land Restitution Law, has gotten off the ground. This was a return trip for us. We had visited many of the same communities in April 2011 to evaluate the obstacles for land restitution in an area that had been infamous for massacres and displacement and paramilitary control of local politics and economic life. Our report in April 2011 was entitled, No Relief in Sight. Relief from human rights violations is still hard to find.

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