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Maria Sosa grafts a branch from a healthy cacao tree onto a less productive one.

Solving Problems with Imagination and Courage

Dr. William J. Craft, the newly elected chair of Lutheran World Relief ’s board of directors, is the president of Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. Here he reflects on his first opportunity to see an LWR project, when he visited coffee and cocoa farmers in Honduras. LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF is perhaps best known for the […]

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Ndavi Sevu

Your Gift of Water

DID YOU TAKE A SHOWER TODAY? BRUSH YOUR TEETH? Brew a cup of tea or coffee with your breakfast? Did your lunch or dinner include any produce that was grown with the benefit of irrigation? No doubt, you have used water today. Most of us here in the U.S. have plentiful access to water. We never doubt that we will be able to [...]Read More...

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David Mbungi

In Kenya, a Sower Went Out to Sow

In the villages around Kambu in eastern Kenya, farmers look to the heavens with brows furrowed with concern. The two rainy seasons each year are critical to these farmers in one of Kenya’s driest regions, who depend on these showers to water their crops. Now, white, puffy clouds dot the sky, but no rain is [...]Read More...

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Learning to Harvest a New Crop: Water

It’s not every day that a Deputy Mayor accepts an internship. But that’s precisely what happened recently in the high Andean district of Hualgayoc in the Cajamarca region of Peru. Deputy Mayor Manuel Saavedra Cubas, along with other members of the local government, spent a day working and learning about ways his community preserves, maintains [...]Read More...

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Wells and Irrigation Liberates Communities from Unpredictable Monsoons

In the northeastern Indian state of Bihar, farmers either have too much or too little water for their fields. Every monsoon season, thousands of farms and villages in Bihar’s expansive river basins face devastating floods, which not only destroy roads and homes but also drown crops, livestock and livelihoods. Outside of these river basin communities, [...]Read More...

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