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Simple Living, Smart Giving

DOROTHY “DOT” PALMQUIST says she doesn’t need that much in life – food, shelter, some clothing. What she cares about more than accumulating more things is making sure families around the world have what they need to survive and thrive. “My dad was a pastor,” says the 85-year-old mother of three and grandmother of five. “I learned early to give to church and support […]

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Lindor Wisly

Haitian Coffee Farmers Diversify for Better Food Security, Quality of Life

PICTURE IT: two boys standing on the patchy front lawn on the small coffee farm of Lindor Wisly, in Dondon, northeast Haiti. One is Mr. Wisly’s son and is tall, what you might call a bean pole. He looks healthy and exuberant, and has an infectious smile. The other child is smaller, more reserved. He keeps a straight face and shies away [...]Read More...

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Sorting beans at the CEDO warehouse in Rakai, Uganda

Farming as Family Business

ON THE GROUNDS SURROUNDING A ONE-STORY WAREHOUSE in the Rakai district of Uganda, dozens of women pore carefully over piles of beans spread over plastic sheets, intently sorting out any defects. There is a festive, family picnic kind of atmosphere, as children play alongside their working mothers. These women are part of a bean supply chain that is increasing the [...]Read More...

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A group of mothers learn to prepare healthy meals for their families.

Combatting Childhood Malnutrition in the Philippines

In a modest home in the Philippines, Arlinda Dalabalan sits among about 20 children — ages 5 to 8 — singing a song. Before the song she’d clipped the children’s nails, combed their hair and inspected their scalps. When the song is done she’ll teach them how to properly wash their hands and record each [...]Read More...

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