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Taking Action for LWR

Assembling LWR Personal Care Kits for displaced and refugee families. Hosting a prayer breakfast when a disaster strikes to raise funds for those affected overseas. Organizing a luncheon for the homeless and serving LWR coffee. The ability to make a positive change, in the local community and abroad, is possible through Thrivent Financial’s newest volunteer program: Thrivent Action Teams. Through this [...]Read More...

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Inside an LWR Quilt and Kit Distribution

BRENDA MEIER KIMARO worked for Lutheran World Relief for 12 years, working closely with LWR’s Quilt & Kit Ministry for many of those years. Now, Brenda lives in Tanzania and serves as a trustee of ELIMAA School, a pre-primary school in the village of Kwa Morombo, outside of Arusha, Tanzania. EIMAA School provides education for students whose [...]Read More...

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Project Promise Expands Kit Ministry

IN OUR LAST ISSUE, WE INTRODUCED YOU TO A NEW FOCUS ON KITS, CALLED PROJECT PROMISE. Through Project Promise, we’ll invite more of our neighbors than ever before into this ministry of service. For many years, the contents of kits and the act of service to our neighbors have brought together Lutherans and their friends to help people around the world. Perhaps the most incredible aspect of [...]Read More...

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Youth group volunteers from the Orthodox Church of Hanina in Jordan pause from unloading a truck full of LWR Quilts and Kits for Syrian refugees in their community.

Quilts and Kits Ramp Up Refugee Crisis Response

IN PAST ISSUES, WE HAVE SHARED STORIES ABOUT LWR’S WORK IN ASSISTING SYRIANS SUFFERING FROM VIOLENCE AND DISCORD IN THEIR HOMELAND. We’ve told you about the gift of School Kits for children in classrooms in Damascus, Syria. We’ve shared about the impact of Quilts and Kits for children and families in refugee camps in Lebanon [...]Read More...

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Organized & Empowered

Congregation’s Focus on Organization Makes Baskets of Promise a Success For Mount Zion Lutheran Church, in York, Pennsylvania, organization was the key to success for their very first Baskets of Promise Lenten campaign, in 2014. “We’ve done lots of collections before and we have a pretty solid system,” says Megan McClinton, Mount Zion’s Minister of [...]Read More...

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How Personal Care Kits Spark Creativity in Palestinian Youth

Halima Khalil Al Hajj Moussa (pictured above) is a 17-year-old Palestinian refugee, living in Ein El Hilweh refugee camp in Lebanon. As a result of violence in Palestine, Halima is one of many young refugee girls displaced by instability in her homeland. Throughout Lebanon, refugees have settled in a variety of housing types, ranging from [...]Read More...

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Sandra Osgood shows off a closet filled with donated quilting supplies

A Quilting Milestone in Northwest Michigan

The quilters from Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Traverse City, Mich., quilted and donated their 12,000th Quilt this October — a milestone in the journey of needlework the group has been dedicated to for nearly 40 years. The meticulous records of quilter Jane Witkop have tracked the group’s annual contributions to LWR and to other local [...]Read More...

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