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Dottie Chidester displays one of her quilts

The Unstoppable Dottie Chidester

“Dottie has kept this group going,” says good friend Fran Dixon. “She’s the kind of person who doesn’t like to sit around, she likes to be doing things and especially things that help others.” [...]Read More...

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Members of Morning Star Lutheran Church in Matthews, NC, at a Kit Assembly

Ready, Set, Summer Service Projects!

If you or others at your congregation are looking for meaningful projects to tie in to your summer activities, there’s still time to coordinate to make Kits of Care! Here are some tips for preparing your service component: [...]Read More...

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Sharon and Phyllis sit with the backpacks they made for LWR School Kits

A Colorful Story of Repurposing

At First Lutheran Church in DeKalb, Ill., three women spent their summer sewing 140 backpacks, while many members of the congregation set about collecting back-to-school items. At the end of the summer, the sewing team finished their work, the congregation youth filled the backpacks, and Sharon and her friends were finally able to relax! Or so they thought. [...]Read More...

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Grannies and campers pose with each camper’s individual quilt. In the foreground, the group’s LWR Quilt is coming together.

Quilting with the Grannies

A SPECIAL EVENT has been happening at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Chapel Hill, N.C., for the past three years: a week-long intergenerational quilting camp called “Quilting with the Grannies.” The camp started three years ago and involves the “Grannies” of the Holy Trinity Quilters teaching the younger children in their church and greater community. [...]Read More...

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Baby Care Kits soaked by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti dry in the sunshine. Generous community members washed the baby clothing, blankets and diapers, reassembled the kits, and distributed them to families in critical need. (Photo: Lutheran World Federation)

Being Prepared

“BE PREPARED” – it’s the Boy Scouts’ motto, and our pantries, tornado shelters and “car trunk emergency supplies” all seem to affirm the fact that having some necessities on hand in case of an emergency is a good idea. In relief work, we call that idea preparedness and in LWR projects around the world, preparedness [...]Read More...

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Elisa Espinosa packing Personal Care Kits

A Spirit of Service

Homecoming on a college campus is usually an occasion for students and alumni to gather together to celebrate what is great about their school, and usually includes football games and school spirit competitions. But for this year’s homecoming at Indiana’s Valparaiso University, the campus community did things a little differently. “One thing that is really [...]Read More...

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Will and Madelyn assembling School Kits

Family Kits

MEET THE SADERA FAMILY: Amy (mom), Will (age 10) and Madelyn (age 7). Every year before school starts, they put together kits as a family and deliver them to the LWR warehouse in New Windsor, Maryland. They recently made 50 School Kits, 21 Fabric Kits and 17 Baby Care Kits. Amy has been making quilts [...]Read More...

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Children in San Ramon, Matagalpa receive School Kits.

Going the Distance with LWR School Kits

What a joy! I was not expecting to see children using LWR School Kits during my December 2015 visit to Nicaragua. I was there in my capacity as a field volunteer for Foods Resource Bank (FRB), an organization that works with 16 member organizations — including LWR — to help people in developing countries grow [...]Read More...

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Two women hold quilts distributed by LWR in Peru

Quilts & Kits Warm Bodies and Hearts in Peru

As  my flight landed in Cajamarca, in northwestern Peru, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d taken many trips to Asia and Africa in my role as LWR’s emergency program manager but this was my first trip to South America. My concerns about altitude sickness turned out to be groundless. However, there was one thing [...]Read More...

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Cambridge Lutheran Church was featured in LWR's 2016 Quilt & Kit Pipeline video. Members of the congregation, including quilter Elsie Stromberg, assemble Quilts and Kits that go around the world to people in need.

Small-Town Church, Big-Time Service

Cambridge Lutheran Church sits on a quiet stretch of a pretty street in the community of Cambridge, Minn. about two hours north of the Twin Cities. While Cambridge itself has a small-town vibe, the people of Cambridge Lutheran have a global outlook! In addition to caring for local friends, family and neighbors, the congregation’s reach [...]Read More...

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