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Dirt Road in Barmasia, Bihar, India

A Prayer for Ash Wednesday

Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return. Precious Lord, Our world is a wilderness of dust and ash. The flames of poverty consume. Deserts engulf forests and grasslands. Drought, famine and food shortages blow through an ever more hopeless world. Yet amid the ashes and dust, we know that you are […]

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Thanksgiving Foods

Giving Thanks, In Spite Of It All

Poverty. Protests. Refugees. Earthquakes, typhoons and hurricanes. Terror. ISIS. Sometimes it can feel like too much. I recently gave a talk to a group of adults at my church. I talked about how Lutheran World Relief is providing support for refugees from Syria and South Sudan. And I talked about our work to get people [...]Read More...

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communion bread

What do Jesus’ Death & Resurrection Mean for LWR’s work?

“This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” (Luke 22:19) At the Last Supper that we remember this week, Jesus could have simply said, “Your sins are forgiven. Remember me.” But instead he broke bread and passed it to his disciples. “This is my body,” he said. “Given [...]Read More...

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Mr. Peter Manyambu irrigates his field with water drawn from a solar-powered well

Filled With Good Things: A Devotion from LWR

This reflection was written in 2012 by Chandler Carriker “…he has filled the hungry with good things…” For the fourth week of advent I heard my pastor read this from Mary’s song in Luke 1. Right away I thought of the far-too-many good things that had filled my belly at a Christmas party the night [...]Read More...

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Why Do We Bless, or Dedicate, Quilts?

In the LWR Quilters Group on Facebook – a place of 750 (and counting) dedicated Quilters and Kit-makers from across the US gather online – we’ve been having an interesting discussion. What’s the difference between a quilt “blessing” and a quilt “dedication?” And why do congregations do them before sending Quilts and Kits to LWR? [...]Read More...

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BY DAN RUTH Until I met John’s family, I had thought of Psalm 23 as “nice,” but my faith had never had to really grapple with its true weight. I was working as a hospital chaplain and John was a 15-year-old patient, a twin. When I responded to the request for a chaplain on John’s [...]Read More...

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BY MELANIE GIBBONS Several years ago, I went to visit my grandmother in rural Virginia. The timing of the trip happened to coincide with the annual Love Feast held at her Church of the Brethren congregation. A Love Feast is a celebration and remembrance of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet and the Lord’s Supper. She [...]Read More...

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BY MELANIE GIBBONS Marie Fortune Jean-Babtiste, who suffers from debilitating arthritis in her hands, talks about her needs in post-earthquake Port-au-Prince, Haiti. LWR’s local partner, Haiti Christian Service, is providing support to hundreds of disabled people affected by 2010’s devastating earthquake. Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of [...]Read More...

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BY DON PEDRO VELIZ A family walks together at the Dadaab refugee complex in Kenya. Through long term response by LWR and our partner Lutheran World Federation they can be on the road to a more sustainable future. Don Pedro is LWR’s longest serving staff member. He offered the following devotion at the Latin America [...]Read More...

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BY ERIN BROCK Rashidi Mfaume Rashidi stands in the middle of rice fields in Tanzania. In the Dodoma region of Tanzania LWR works with farmers to improve their rice quality and yield for greater food security for all the community. “Do you not care that we are perishing?” Frustrated that their teacher is asleep in [...]Read More...

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BY JOHN NUNES A young girl in the Philippines puts resources from an LWR School Kit to good use. In communities like hers these valuable resources play an important role in planting seeds for future promise! In Lutheran circles these days, there seems to be an increasing hunger to read and talk about the Word [...]Read More...

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