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The Global Water Challenge

In my car over the noon hour, I was excited to hear part of an audio documentary by America Abroad. Being the news junkie I am, I was tempted to sit in my parking spot for the next hour so I could finish listening to this NPR program. As much as I know about the water crisis facing so many people around the world, I still marvel at the complexity of the challenge.

We talk a lot on this blog about Lutheran World Relief’s work to provide water to developing communities for farming, sanitation and drinking. And we work hard to provide solutions that last, so that communities can continue to have access to clean water long after we’re gone.

But this program from NPR does a great job of raising awareness around the great need and difficulty of the situation. Listen to the segment The Politics of the Jordan River below, or go to to listen to the whole hour.

What do you think are the biggest challenges to providing the world’s population with clean water?

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