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Lindor Wisly stands in the warehouse of his coffee cooperative in Dondon, Haiti. With your support, Lindor has been able to earn enough income to care for his family, including his mother, and send his son to school. (Photo by Allison Shelley, for LWR)

If you’ve eaten three meals a day this week, then you are truly blessed. And you are more fortunate than many families in Haiti. Families like Lindor Wisly’s.

That’s why we’re issuing a challenge to raise $200,000 by March 15 to fight hunger!

I met Lindor Wisly in his village of Dondon, Haiti, where he grows coffee to support his family. There was once a time when he worked all day and night, and still didn’t produce enough to feed and support his family. But thanks to people like you, that’s changing!

With pride he showed me his farm and everything he’s learned from the local Lutheran World Relief project – like how to pick coffee at just the right time, how to harvesting it to preserve its quality, and even natural ways to keep pests away! He smiled as he told me how he doesn’t have to work so many hours anymore, and that he can now feed his family and send his children to school.

While I was visiting, I got a sober reminder that for every Lindor Wisly, there are still so many more in need of your help. While taking a rest, I spied Mr. Wisly’s son – who was tall and appeared to be 7 or 8 – playing with a smaller, younger looking boy in the village. I later found out that the smaller boy wasn’t actually younger. In fact, he was several years older, but probably wasn’t getting enough to eat.

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The son of coffee farmer Lindor Wisly (right) stands with another child from the community of Dondon, Haiti. Although the boy on the left is three years older. Lack of food may have contributed to his smaller size.

Reach out to poor farming families around the world with a gift today. Equip them with the tools, training and support they need to grow food, earn income, and build livelihoods that last. Your gifts make such a difference in the lives of so many around the world. Will you take the challenge and give a gift to fight hunger today?



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