Lutheran World Relief responds to devastating floods in Nepal and India.

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This man experienced all-consuming hunger. Here’s how we’re ensuring he doesn’t have to again.

“Hunger is like this: if you’re hungry, you can’t sleep at night. If you have hunger, you can’t plan ahead for your life. You can’t think about anything except the hunger that you have. Hunger. It creates conflict in the family, and can tear it apart. We used to be so hungry.”

Just three years ago, Sevu and his family were barely surviving as subsistence farmers in Kenya. This area was severely affected by the drought that swept across the Horn of Africa in 2009.

You have made a major difference in Sevu’s life.

You have helped. Here’s how:

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LWR’s Watershed Approach to Enhanced Resilience

How does the project work that helped Sevu and others in his community? The following video explains a little more in-depth just how Lutheran World Relief provides lasting solutions in Kenya.

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Thank you to everyone who donated to the East Africa Drought over the past few years. We raised over $1 million to help families like Sevu’s. You make a difference!

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