Celebrate Father’s Day with LWR Gifts!

Sevu Kanyasya and his daughter, Wuyua (6), plant seedlings in their garden in Makueni County, Kenya. (Photo by Jake Lyell)

Father’s Day is June 18.

What better way to honor the dads in your life than with an LWR Gift? Behind each gift there are real people — real dads — whose lives are improved by your generosity. To get you inspired, here are a few dads you reach with your support.

Godfrey, from Uganda

The Wotea family stands in front of their house in Uganda. Photo by Jake Lyell for Lutheran World Relief.

This hard-working father of five (youngest child not pictured) grows coffee in Uganda. With your help, Godfrey has gotten training on how to improve the quality of his coffee and his cooperative has made important connections to buyers and new markets that have resulted in increases in income for his and many other families.

Give the gift of an LWR Coffee Tree Seedling and help dads like Godfrey tap into the potential of their land.

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Felipe, from Colombia

The Villafaña family, from top left: Concepción, Zwika, beth, Zarkuney, Felipe, and Jeini outside their home in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains in Colombia. (Photo by Sara A. Fajardo for LWR)

Felipe and his family are part of an indigenous group called the Arhuaco. The Arhuaco have been systematically buying farms located on their ancestral homelands and repopulating them. LWR is supporting their initiative to transition to cocoa farming a crop that grows well in the hotter, wetter low lands, but is new to the Arhuaco community.

Give the gift of a cocoa seedling and help farmers adapt and grow.

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Somasingh, from Nepal

This is Somasingh with his daughter. He is a teacher at the local school but his house (and school) were badly damaged during the Nepal earthquakes of 2015. His family received LWR Quilts & Kits to help recover. He told our staff he was thankful items like these because they are very useful during this time of need. He smiled the entire time he talked and when he was asked why, he said,  “What can you do? The situation is what it is and I am thankful to be alive with my family.”

Send 8 Mission Quilts to families coping with disaster.

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