This #GivingTuesday, your love can save the lives of refugee babies

  • Nikki Massie
  • Nov 29, 2020

These are dangerous times to be born.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), there were 26 million refugees at the end of 2019 – more than half are babies and children. [source] This number has continued to grow, even as a global pandemic has swept the globe.

Pregnant refugee mothers must often give birth in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions without much medical help. Many families were forced to flee their homes with what little they could carry, meaning important items, such as blankets to protect baby from the elements, are left behind. And now, with COVID-19 cases surging around the world, many families are forced to live far too close to one another with little personal protection.

That’s why this #GivingTuesday, December 1, we are calling on you – our most faithful supporters – to give refugee babies and families a safe start by helping to send 5,000 Refugee Baby Bundles to families in crisis around the world.



With each bundle, you send:

Until your love reaches every neighbor

This has been a year of unprecedented crisis and we give thanks to God for your unwavering support. We pray you’ll join us in this very special #GivingTuesday effort and give a safe start to refugee babies and families!


Nikki Massie, Nov 29, 2020 email