Ruth Dobrattz at her home in Madison, Wis.

Why I've supported the work of Lutheran World Relief for three decades.

When Ruth Dobrattz first connected with Lutheran World Relief, Ronald Reagan was president, gas was about $0.89 a gallon and Top Gun was in movie theaters across the U.S.

Thirty years later, the 94-year-old still supports us because she, like Lutheran World Relief, is in it for the long term.

“My experience with Lutheran World Relief began in about 1987,” says Ruth.

She and a small group of her church members from Madison, Wis., visited Lutheran World Relief projects in Ecuador and Peru. She recalls meeting coffee farmers and one group that was harvesting citrus fruits and making marmalade.

“This tour came up and I signed up for it. It was the experience of a lifetime,” she says now.

That trip has turned into three decades of faithful — and lately — major support for Lutheran World Relief.

Ruth says she remembers how our staff listened to the concerns of the communities she visited and then worked with them to find lasting solutions.

“That’s what impressed me so. That’s why I’m such a provider for Lutheran World Relief,” she says. “They partner with people who know what’s going on and how to fix the problems.”

Ruth continues to stay up to date about the progress she’s making across the world with Lutheran World Relief and says, “You are still doing what attracted me to you in the first place: helping beautiful people who need it.”