Restoring hope in Mosul, Iraq

God saved Mosul. Islamic State all but destroyed it.

Today, Lutheran World Relief and its supporters throughout the United States are rejuvenating lives in the city once known as Nineveh – the one Jonah was sent to save almost three thousand years ago – one traumatized child and one surviving adult at a time.Days after Mosul’s liberation from the Islamic State group (IS) in July 2017, Lutheran World Relief began serving thousands of people scarred, scared and longing for lives free of risk and repression.

With the support of our donors, we are carrying out the city’s only psychosocial counseling and recovery support. We are one of only a few international NGOs working in an area where as many as 4,000 civilians perished, 900,000 fled, 30,000 IS militants were killed and more than 90 percent of houses and buildings are dust and debris. Our work has reached individuals, children and families. We're helping people build hope, and helping people heal.

And it is all because of your generous support.

A 21-year-old man holds his certificate from a mobile technology and electronics training course run by LWR in West Mosul. This program is made possible with your support.

As thanks, we've put together a visual story that takes you to the frontline of this work. See the places where your gifts are making a difference — and the lives being transformed as a result.

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