Fund coffee farmers in Kenya through KindSight!

Last fall, LWR launched KindSight, a new way to use your time, money and voice to fight poverty around the world. Our first project – the Rural Women Led Vegetable Farming project in India – is going strong. We’re excited to introduce a second project – the APOKO coffee project in Kenya.
Here’s what you need to know to start funding coffee farmers today – and getting your donations matched dollar-for-dollar — with KindSight!

 (Already raring to go? That’s the spirit! Visit KindSight today to sign-up!)

Who are we helping?

Your support will help coffee producers in the South Rachuonyo district in Kenya, through three coffee cooperatives called Orinde, Kabondo and Ogera.

Why Kenya? Why coffee?

Kenya is the East African powerhouse of the coffee world.

In the 1970s, coffee was Kenya’s leading export and today it remains one of Kenya’s most valuable global commodities.  If more farmers had the tools and information they need to grow high quality coffee, they could lift themselves, their families and their entire communities out of poverty.

What help do coffee farmers need?

Global demand for specialty coffee is exploding and the market price for this luxury commodity is high; however, the Kenyan farmers don’t produce nearly as much coffee as they could and their incomes remain very low, mainly because the quality of their coffee isn’t high enough to export to international buyers.

 How exactly will my support help?

By supporting the APOKO project, you’ll help individual coffee producers, along with their cooperatives, to grow high-quality coffee that can be exported for competitive prices and help coffee farming communities rise out of poverty.

Through KindSight, you’ll be able to fund this project piece-by-piece, each completed project phase unlocking the next until together we’ve built a strong program that will help coffee farmers long into the future.

Here are a few of the first activities in need of funding:

  1.  Motorcycle purchase (to allow project staff to visit farmers in their fields and travel to training sites)
  2. Training on coffee marketing systems (to help farmers understand what factors influence coffee pricing and how to negotiate for better pricing)
  3. Hiring of agriculture extension officer (to lead farmer trainings and share his expertise in the best coffee farming techniques)

How can I help through KindSight?

Use your TIME by pledging an occasion, like your birthday or running a 5k, and ask your friends and family to support you and the APOKO coffee farmers by donating to KindSight. (Want some good ideas? Check out what others have done.)

Use your MONEY by making a direct donation or issuing a matching challenge.

Use your VOICE by acting as a social ambassador, sharing this project and its poverty fighting potential with your social networks.

WHAT do I do next?

 Step 1:                  Visit to sign-up.

Step 2:                  Select the APOKO project.

Step 3:                  Decide how you’ll use your time, money and voice to fund coffee farmers.

It’s that easy! And thanks to Equal Exchange, our Fair Trade Coffee partner, every dollar you raise for the APOKO project will be matched – up to $ 57,135.60!