How many Mission Quilts do we ship every year?

When small groups of people in congregations gather throughout the U.S. and tie LWR Mission Quilts, it's hard to fathom how many get sent around the world. All of these Quilts are donated by people like you. It shows how many small donations add up to huge amounts of comfort!
In 2012 we delivered 412,710 Mission Quilts around the world to people in need.

In 2011 we delivered 355,621 Quilts. In 2010 that number was 319,610, and in 2009 we shipped 231,360 Quilts.

We're sending more each and every year!

500,000 Mission Quilts in 2013

staff standing in front of 50,000 Quilts
LWR Staff stand in front of 50,000 Mission Quilts in one of our warehouses. (Photo by Bernhard Gallant, IRD)

That's right. We want to collect half a million quilts this year that we can send around the world to people in need.

LWR Mission Quilts are valuable tools in Lutheran World Relief’s work to end poverty, injustice and human suffering. To those that receive them, they are a tangible symbol of God’s love and compassion. And to our partners, they provide an opportunity to reach out to communities with important information and services.

For those and many more reasons, LWR Mission Quilts are our most requested items. LWR strives to provide as many Quilts as possible to our partners but our supply is limited.

mother holding Quilt with three children around her
A mother and her children in Afghanistan received a Mission Quilt during a particularly harsh winter.


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