Ending Hunger in Bihar, India

Project Introduction and Engagement Ideas

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Click here to download the first Celebration Kit to engage the members of your congregation in Partnership Bihar!

Click here for the Celebration Kit #1: Project Update Powerpoint!

Click here to see the flipchart and visual aid examples referenced in Celebration Kit #1!

Click here for the SHG Game Action Cards Cheat Sheet for Leaders!

Click here for the SHG Game Cards!

Click here for the SHG Game Story Card!



Other resources for your congregation

thumbnail of Get to know Bihar
Download this sheet with facts about Bihar, including geography, government, and more!
thumbnail of Preschool Activity Bihar
Download this preschool activity to use with kids in your congregation
thumbnail of Bihar ColorPages
Download and print this coloring page for kids in your congregation
thumbnail of project-overview-flier-for-congregations_nobleed
Download this flier to print for your congregation


Project India

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