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Sumiha Bharu leads a group of villagers from Susta to welcome the LWR group. The villagers are coming by boat from across the river as Susta is surrounded on 3 sides by the river and 1 side by India - so they have no land connection with the rest of Nepal.

Preparing for the Next Flood on the India-Nepal Border

What I remember most about the area on the border between India and Nepal was the heat – perhaps not surprising in the middle of summer, right before the onset of the monsoon rains bring a bit of relief from the sizzle of summer in South Asia.  But it was more than just the kind [...]Read More...

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Meet Anita Devi

When LWR and our partner IDF (Integrated Development Fund) first arrived at the Chak-ewaj village in India in September 2009, the villagers weren’t interested in working with them.  Most of the households were already engaged in small businesses, living day-to-day off of their earning at the local market.  There was never enough money to set [...]Read More...

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