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Nepal Earthquake Survivor Stops By to Say Thanks

On April 25, 2015 when a massive earthquake struck Nepal, Rekha Dhakal was travelling on a bus from the capital city of Kathmandu to his home in Jaubari VDC in Ghorka District, a distance of about 100 miles over a winding, mountainous road. The bus began to shake, and the driver stopped driving. Rekha knew [...]Read More...

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Lutheran World Relief - India.

How to Give Better This Christmas With LWR Gifts

Have you ever struggled to find a gift with just the right meaning? A gift that says to your spouse or significant other, “I’m so thankful you’re in my life”? Or one that tells your parents “Thanks for putting up with me all these years and teaching me to be a good person”? Or how about [...]Read More...

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