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A fisherman prepares to go out in his boat three years after Typhoon Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan Survivors: Then and Now

Three years ago, one of the strongest storms ever recorded tore through the central Visayan islands of the Philippines, leaving over 6,000 dead, 4 million without shelter, and $2.4 billion in damage. The effects of Super Typhoon Haiyan (“Yolanda,” as it’s known in the Philippines) are so much more than just statistics however. Three years [...]Read More...

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Wells and Irrigation Liberates Communities from Unpredictable Monsoons

In the northeastern Indian state of Bihar, farmers either have too much or too little water for their fields. Every monsoon season, thousands of farms and villages in Bihar’s expansive river basins face devastating floods, which not only destroy roads and homes but also drown crops, livestock and livelihoods. Outside of these river basin communities, [...]Read More...

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Mount Everest

The Everest-Sized Challenge of Recovery in Nepal

As I sat in the restaurant of a hotel in Kathmandu, I noticed a large expedition team preparing to depart for Mount Everest. As they went over their plans for the trek to base camp, I couldn’t help but think about what a task it is to take on this most famous of mountains, what [...]Read More...

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Travel Diary: Women in India Raise Their Voices

Colors. Rich, vibrant colors as far as the eye could see. During my recent trip to India, I was in wonder of the vibrant, rich colors that seemed to be everywhere and on everything – including the beautiful saris worn by the women gathered at the first ever Women Farmer’s Convention in Losinga, Bihar. More [...]Read More...

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Cocoa Brings Hope to Farmers in the Philippines

Nestled in the green mountains of Mindanao’s Calinan district in northern Davao City in the Philippines, Jowen Joromat tends to a cacao seedling, the plant that produces the beans that will eventually become cocoa. He carefully slits the tip of the seedling, inserting then taping a scion — a piece of stem from another cacao [...]Read More...

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