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Dirt Road in Barmasia, Bihar, India

A Prayer for Ash Wednesday

Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return. Precious Lord, Our world is a wilderness of dust and ash. The flames of poverty consume. Deserts engulf forests and grasslands. Drought, famine and food shortages blow through an ever more hopeless world. Yet amid the ashes and dust, we know that you are [...]Read More...

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Thanksgiving Foods

Giving Thanks, In Spite Of It All

Poverty. Protests. Refugees. Earthquakes, typhoons and hurricanes. Terror. ISIS. Sometimes it can feel like too much. I recently gave a talk to a group of adults at my church. I talked about how Lutheran World Relief is providing support for refugees from Syria and South Sudan. And I talked about our work to get people [...]Read More...

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communion bread

What do Jesus’ Death & Resurrection Mean for LWR’s work?

“This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” (Luke 22:19) At the Last Supper that we remember this week, Jesus could have simply said, “Your sins are forgiven. Remember me.” But instead he broke bread and passed it to his disciples. “This is my body,” he said. “Given [...]Read More...

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LWR Gifs vs LWR Gifts

LWR Gifts vs LWR Gifs

You have probably heard how you can unwrap a better life through LWR Gifts, but have you heard of LWR Gifs? Here are a few reasons why we think giving good is giving better! The Power of Goats View post on Goats are well known for their balance, and even are known to climb [...]Read More...

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Why Do Coffee & Cocoa Farmers Struggle So Much? A Q&A with Rick Peyser

Coffee and Cocoa are big business around the world. In the United States alone, coffee is the largest food import, and chocolate generates more than $20 billion per year in revenue. Yet many of the world’s coffee and cocoa producers live in poverty. Rick Peyser, Lutheran World Relief’s senior relationship manager for coffee and cocoa, [...]Read More...

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Working to load a train car during an Ingathering in Marquette, MI.

How to Ship LWR Quilts & Kits Through Ingatherings

You’ve brought together a group of dedicated volunteers. Together you’ve cut, sewn and tied Quilts. Or you’ve held a drive to collect items for School, Personal Care, Baby Care or Sewing Kits. And of course you’ve assembled and packed them according to LWR guidelines. Now you have to figure out how to get them to [...]Read More...

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Third grade students in the Philippines hold up the school kits they received from LWR.

Your LWR School Kit Questions Answered

This time of year many congregations are showing their love for their global neighbors by preparing School Kits to donate to LWR. We thank you for your generosity and compassion! As you prepare your School Kits, we thought we’d share the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about this resource. If you have [...]Read More...

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9 Facts About Refugees

What is the definition of a refugee? How many refugees are there around the world? What causes people to become refugees? Here are 9 facts about refugees: 1. Refugees have fled persecution or war In order to officially be considered a refugee, a person must have suffered persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political [...]Read More...

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Rick Peyser with children in Sidamo, Ethiopia 2007

LWR Staff Member Rick Peyser Stands With Coffee Farmers

We’re proud that our very own Rick Peyser was featured in USA Today on Sunday as the man “instrumental in creating the outreach programs for coffee farmers that would allow Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to emblazon its semi-trailers with the slogan, ‘We realized good coffee could be good for the world,’ and actually mean it.” Peyser [...]Read More...

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Cocoa producer Nevardo Gómez prepares organic fertilizer on his plantation located in the community of Nueva Quezada.

Where does your chocolate come from? Meet Nevardo.

Almost 90 percent of the world’s cocoa originates from small-scale farmers (producers who farm less than five hectares, or about 12.4 acres, of land). These farmers face considerable challenges to maximize their yields, including changing weather patterns, disease, aging trees and limited access to improved varieties, inputs and technical assistance. On average, they earn less [...]Read More...

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Second Earthquake Hits Nepal: Notes from LWR Staff

A second, 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal this morning, less than three weeks after the first, 7.8 magnitude quake. Reuters reports that at least 37 people have been killed and panic is spreading. Lutheran World Relief staff are all safe and are continuing to assess the situation. Nicole Hark, LWR’s Deputy Regional Director for Asia & [...]Read More...

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