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The Thrivent Action Team at Hope Lutheran Church in Powell, WY

Spread global holiday cheer with Thrivent Action Teams

Shirley Robish, of Strandburg, South Dakota, recently wrote to tell us about a new tradition her family has started for Christmas. “For the past three Christmas gatherings,” she says, “part of our gift giving involves LWR Kits.” Each member of her family contributes items for various types of kits as a part of their gifts to one [...]Read More...

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The 2017 LWR Christmas Matching Gift Challenge!

Great news! There’s still time to DOUBLE your Christmas gift to families in need during the LWR Christmas Matching Gift challenge because we’ve received an additional $178,700! That means that when you give a gift before December 31, a group of Lutheran World Relief supporters will match that gift – up to $357,200! Double your gift today! [...]Read More...

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Members of Morning Star Lutheran Church at a Kit Assembly at Morning Star Church in Matthews, NC 2016

Putting the “Luther” in “Lutheran World Relief”

What does it mean to be “Lutheran?” If you asked 100 Lutherans that question, you’d probably get 100 different answers. In the United States, we often joke that being Lutheran means drinking lots of coffee after church and having a casserole for Sunday dinner. But, at its simplest, being Lutheran means being a child of [...]Read More...

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View from left rear corner of church with quilts on every other chair

Blessing of the Quilts, 2017

Quilts have played a major part of Lutheran World Relief’s mission since our founding in 1945. That means, for over 70 years, quilters across the country have lovingly stitched thousands upon thousands of quilts for distribution as part of LWR’s many projects. Their quilts have traveled all over the world, from Peru to India to [...]Read More...

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5 Things You May Not Know About Coffee

  An estimated 54 percent of Americans over the age of 18 consume coffee on a daily basis. We are so passionate about it we’ve even fashioned a whole dialect around ordering it from coffeehouses. 1. The United States is not the largest importer of coffee While coffee is the largest food import in the [...]Read More...

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Gustavo and his granddaughter Maryering

Helping farmers like Gustavo provide for their families

We first introduced you to Gustavo as a farmer whose coffee is a part of the new LWR Farmers Market Coffee – a line sourced directly from farmers working with Lutheran World Relief. This is the story of how your support of LWR has helped Gustavo – and how you can continue to help other [...]Read More...

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vegetables from sands of Sahara desert

Ali grows vegetables from sands of Sahara desert

Ali Forach fled conflict in Mali and has been living in Mberra refugee camp in Mauritania since 2012. “When I arrived, there was nothing here,” Ali recalls. “From here to the horizon only hills of sand.” Now, he is growing peanuts and watermelons in a place where the desert heat can reach 120 degrees during [...]Read More...

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Fabian Ospina Florez

Clean Water Means Better Coffee and a Better Life for Fabian and Luzdela

Fabian Ospina Florez and his wife, Luzdela, grow and process coffee on about 5 acres in the town of Manzanares in Colombia. And they’ve improved the quality of their coffee and their life thanks, in large part, to cleaner water. Like so many coffee farmers in this country known for its high-quality coffee, Fabian and [...]Read More...

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Etrenine Errilus, 50, poses for a portrait with daughter Delnise Derice, 18, in her home garden in the town of Falingant, in Haiti's Northeast province.

Help families in Haiti recover from disaster and move forward

Etrenine lives in Haiti, where she and her family depend on their crops to have enough to eat. Even before Hurricane Matthew’s 100-mile-per-hour winds, flooding and mudslides wreaked havoc on the small island nation in October 2016, this family was struggling to get by. Then the storm destroyed most of Etrenine’s crops and they were left with [...]Read More...

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Group of children and adults

Asking the Right Questions: Inside an LWR Project Evaluation

Asking the right questions - ones that will help to understand the true impact of a project - is crucial to improving our work around the world. Recently Morgan Mercer, of ACDI/VOCA, attended LWR's evaluation of the Learning for Gender Integration (LGI) project in Nicaragua, which used two creative methods to get meaningful feedback directly from the people involved in the project. [...]Read More...

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Headshot of Mary Kilonzo

Help families like Mary’s recover and fight back drought

Mary and her young children live in rural Kenya. She grows eggplant and okra on her farm. But feeding her hungry family has been a desperate struggle when the rains don’t arrive on time in this seasonally dry land. For the past few years, Kenya and surrounding regions have been facing terrible droughts. And when [...]Read More...

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