Syrian civilians and rebel fighters evacuate from the town of Arbin in the Eastern Ghouta region on the outskirts of the capital Damascus on March 25, 2018 following a deal with the regime

LWR responding to humanitarian crisis in Eastern Ghouta, Syria

Syria’s Eastern Ghouta region is in the midst of an ongoing humanitarian crisis. The region is already struggling under the weight of decades of fighting. Now a suspected chemical attack in the suburb of Douma has international tensions heightened even more. Lutheran World Relief is working with partners on the ground to mount a response [...]Read More...

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In a world of suffering, do a world of good. Donate Now to LWR's 2017 disaster Relief campaign.

Restoring hope in Mosul, Iraq

God saved Mosul. Islamic State all but destroyed it. Today, Lutheran World Relief and its supporters throughout the United States are rejuvenating lives in the city once known as Nineveh – the one Jonah was sent to save almost three thousand years ago – one traumatized child and one surviving adult at a time.Days after [...]Read More...

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In Bihar, empowering women and girls uplifts whole communities.

This reflection was generously shared by Darcy Huffman, a member of The Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd in Olympia, Wash, one of the congregations that is directly supporting communities in India through Partnership Bihar. In this post, Ms. Huffman reflects on her experience after visiting the project in January 2018. Have you ever heard [...]Read More...

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March 17 is National Quilting Day. Here are five easy ways to celebrate!

Did you know that in addition to being St. Patrick’s Day, March 17 is also National Quilting Day and Worldwide Quilting Day? It’s true! To celebrate, we here at Lutheran World Relief want to honor our dedicated quilters! Countless women, men and children gather year-round to cut fabric, sew squares, fill and tie Mission quilts that [...]Read More...

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A young girl plays near her home in the Philippines.

Use Thrivent Choice Dollars® to Reach the World’s Poorest Communities

Around the world, millions of our fellow brothers and sisters live in extreme poverty, beyond the reach of life-sustaining resources. Hunger is pervasive, and they are cut off from health care, education and other basic services. If you’re a Thrivent Financial member, you may be eligible to participate in Thrivent Choice® and recommend where some of Thrivent [...]Read More...

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A little girl holds a School Kit she received by our partner in Honduras,

In Honduras, School Kits pave a better path for children living in poverty

In Honduras, poverty and lack of opportunity prevent many children from going to school. While the country offers free public education, children must still have the proper supplies to attend. But for parents who are struggling to make ends meet, school supplies can seem an impossible expense. In the last half of 2017 our partner [...]Read More...

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Iraq School Kit Distribution

School Kits Reach Children in Iraq

Your generosity reached more than 13,650 students with School Kits in northern Iraq! The students, who range in age from elementary to high school, expressed what a tremendous difference the Kits made in their lives. Many of their families are unable to buy school supplies because they have only recently returned to their homes after [...]Read More...

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Eufemia Chaparro with her youngest Seyarimaku, 2, outside their home in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains in Colombia. Lutheran World Relief has been providing technical support to the Arhuaco community in cocoa and coffee farming techniques. The Arhuaco have been systematically buying farms located on their ancestral homelands and repopulating them. LWR is supporting their initiative to transition to cocoa farming a crop that grows well in the hotter, wetter low lands, but is new to the Arhuaco community. Sara A. Fajardo for Lutheran World Relief

Help LWR start 2018 off right

Make no mistake about it – 2017 was an eventful year. Food crisis in South Sudan, flash floods in India and Nepal, devastating hurricanes in the Caribbean. Thanks to your generous support,  Lutheran World Relief has been able to respond to these emergencies while continuing to work to improve the lives of families living in [...]Read More...

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Mark your calendars: Giving Tuesday (November 28) is the LWR Goat-a-Thon!

Giving Tuesday is the end of a string of themed days after Thanksgiving that kick off the holiday season. This year, we decided to do a little something different to celebrate this day devoted to giving. We’re hosting our very first LWR Goat-a-Thon! What’s an LWR Goat-a-Thon? On Giving Tuesday, November 28, we’ll be talking [...]Read More...

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LWR Update: Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

As of the writing of this blog post, it’s been two months since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, bringing heavy rains and wind that have left millions without electricity, access to safe water, and other basic necessities. With the support of people like you, LWR is responding in the Adjuntas municipality of Puerto Rico by [...]Read More...

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The Thrivent Action Team at Hope Lutheran Church in Powell, WY

Spread global holiday cheer with Thrivent Action Teams

Shirley Robish, of Strandburg, South Dakota, recently wrote to tell us about a new tradition her family has started for Christmas. “For the past three Christmas gatherings,” she says, “part of our gift giving involves LWR Kits.” Each member of her family contributes items for various types of kits as a part of their gifts to one [...]Read More...

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