Cheryl Williams

Cheryl Williams

Senior Director, Marketing and Creative Services


Cheryl Williams is the Senior Director of Marketing & Creative Services for Lutheran World Relief. She leads the team that ensures LWR effectively and efficiently communicates to Lutherans how partnership with LWR helps them live their faith by helping their brothers and sisters overseas.

Cheryl is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She also has an MBA and a Master’s of Science in Business from Johns Hopkins University. In 2002, Cheryl was named one of Maryland’s top 100 women.

Cheryl’s particular interest lies in connecting the lives of U.S. Lutherans and those we serve overseas. As the founding president of a church council in inner-city East Baltimore, she merged 3 Lutheran church bodies helping to maintain a Lutheran presence, supporting communities facing poverty and marginalization—the same issues we work with overseas.

Cheryl excels at speaking to audiences of all sizes and ages groups. She has experience speaking about stewardship and spiritual gifts from the perspective of a life-long Lutheran. Her presentation experience also includes various topics related to the general work of LWR.

After over 20 years in a corporate environment, I feel so blessed to be at LWR, able to serve God and to serve others using my gifts