Faith in Action Newsletter

Spring 2015

Newsletter for quilters and kit-makers. Learn about how Personal Care Kits help boost school attendance in the communities that LWR serves.

Winter 2015

Newsletter for quilters and kit-makers. Learn about the history of the Quilt & Kit Ministry since it's humble beginnings in the 1920's.

Fall 2014

Newsletter for quilters and kit-makers. Learn about the effect School Kits have on children in Nicaragua.

Summer 2014

Newsletter for quilters and kit-makers. Learn about how Quilts and Kits were part of LWR’s response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and check out some great summer projects!

Winter 2014

Learn about the 2013 LWR Quilt & Kit Campaign, how well it turned out and how we plan to celebrate all of your achievements.

Fall 2013

Learn about the Quilt & Kit Tracker and how your Quilts & Kits are used to address everyday needs around the world that might not be making the headlines.

Spring 2013

Stories of quilters and the impact they make around the world! Includes “Top 10 Reasons this is the Year of the Quilt!”

Winter 2013

This issue shares inspiring stories about Personal Care Kits around the world, Quilters in Idaho, and how Quilts are making a difference in lives of those living on Thai-Burma border.

Fall 2012

Learn all about LWR's 2013 Quilt Campaign, a Quilt Distribution in Tanzania, Lutheran Quilters from California, Florida and New Hampshire. Also valuable tips for boosting the number of Quilts your group shares with sisters and brothers around the world!

Spring 2012

All across the church, youth are leading their congregations in service. Read about some of these inspiring leaders, and take some of their ideas back to your community!

Winter 2012

Learn all about how to engage your congregation in LWR's Quilt & Kit Ministry in different seasons of the church year. Also read stories of volunteers in the U.S. and recipients of Quilts and Kits overseas.

Fall 2011

The summer of 2011 was a busy time for Lutherans supporting Lutheran World Relief! Hear about LWR's summer activities and those of fellow quilters and kit-makers.

Spring 2011

Learn how the gifts of Personal Care Kits helped families in Haiti recover from January 2010's devastating earthquake. Also, read more about the new Quilt and Kit Ministry Guide and updated guidelines.

Winter 2011

Read about the findings of LWR’s year-long evaluation of Quilt & Kit distributions. Find out what we learned and how we’ll use that information to better serve people across the world.

Fall 2010

LWR staffer Trevor Knoblich reports on his trip to Mauritania to a Quilt distribution with our partner, Lutheran World Federation. Also, read tips on reaching out to your community through your LWR quilting ministry.

Spring 2010

After January 2010's devastating earthquake, many communities — even those in need of Quilts and Kits themselves — rallied to help Haiti.

Winter 2010

LWR's warehouse in the Philippines delivers quick aid to the world's most disaster-prone country, quilts promote peace in war-torn Sudan and one congregation takes the concept of a "home-made" LWR Quilt to a whole other level.


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