The Faces of the East Africa Drought

Photo: ACT/Paul Jeffrey

Nearly 12 million people in East Africa are at risk of starvation and famine has been declared in parts of Somalia. These are the faces of the East Africa drought.  Please pray for the people of East Africa, and the work of LWR and partners. Please support our response to bring lasting solutions to hunger. And please pass this message on to others. Thank you.

Photo: ACT/Paul Jeffrey


More than 1,300 people, mostly Somalis, arrive each day at the already overcrowded refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya. LWR and LWF are working together to ensure vulnerable families in and around Dadaab refugee camps get the water and other essential items they need. Gracious God, be with the weary traveling to Dadaab in search of relief and give them a place of rest through the work of LWR and LWF.

Photo: ACT/DCA/Binyan Mengesha


A woman collects firewood in the parched Borena district in southern Ethiopia. LWR and LWF are working to distribute food to affected families and provide training and tools to help recover agricultural livelihoods. God who brings new birth in the waters of Baptism, we know you are working in the midst of Ethiopia's barren lands. Strengthen those who work to provide food for sustainable lives so that all may have life in abundant waters.

Photo: ACT/Paul Jeffrey


A Somali girl waits to be received at the Dagahaley refugee camp in Dadaab. Children have been especially affected by food shortages, many arriving in Dadaab malnourished and in dire need of help. Heavenly Father, through the grace of your Son, open our hearts to the children suffering from famine and lift up those who work to fill their stomachs.

Photo: ACT/Paul Jeffrey

Food Shortages

"This is the last of my food," says Lucia Muvili Ngotho from northeast Kenya. LWR and LWF are working to reach vulnerable families in Kenya and Ethiopia with food, water and help to preserve agricultural livelihoods. Lord of abundance, be with us in this broken world of scarcity. Stir in us the desire to make your abundance reality for those who go without in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Photo: ACT/Paul Jeffrey

The Road Ahead

A Somali woman gets registered at the Dagahaley camp in Dadaab. In addition to emergency relief, the people of East Africa need sustainable solutions to feed their families and protect from future droughts. God who promises to be with us always, guide our work toward sustainable livelihoods and lasting access to food so all may know the fullness you have created for them!

Photo: ACT/Paul Jeffrey

Pray. Give. Pass it on.

Help LWR work toward lasting solutions to hunger in East Africa with a gift to the East Africa Drought fund. Visit to make a gift. And please share this slideshow with others. Thank you for concern for the people of East Africa. May God continue to call on your gifts to be a blessing to the world. AMEN.

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