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Our Savior Lutheran Church in Hanover, NH

Our Savior Lutheran Church in Hanover, NH is turning their scrap fabric into many blessings!


An LWR School Kit for Every Child

A shipment of 22,000 Lutheran World Relief school kits was sent to Sao Tome and Principe &m one of Africa's poorest countries &m in late 2003 as part of a national initiative to improve conditions in elementary schools and revitalize the country’s education system.


Helping Haiti from Summer Camp

Most camp-bound children aspire to fill their summer days with outdoor activities like swimming, hiking and playing games. 1,500 campers in Nebraska and Kansas put a different spin on their summer fun by filling an ocean freight container with Personal Care Kits.


Small Stewards Making a Big Impact

Vacation Bible School programs provide a nurturing environment for children of all ages to learn about God’s love. Last August, Bethany Lutheran Church in Lompoc, Calif., added an element of service to VBS by making Personal Care Kits for Lutheran World Relief.


Notes from Niamy, Niger

Kirk Betts, formerly the Lutheran World Relief board chair, traveled to Niger in West Africa in 2009 to witness the distribution of LWR quilts and kits. His experience moved him to offer these words of thanks to Lutheran quilters and kit-makers who support LWR’s ministry of comfort and care. A condensed version of this article appeared in the September 2009 edition of Faith in Action.


Storing Hope, Restoring Lives

Trevor Knoblich, LWR's Program Coordinator for Emergency Response, reflects on a quilt and kit distribution in the Philippines.


LWR School Kits Encourage School Attendance

According to the international assistance community, Afghanistan is currently in the "relief, recovery and reconstruction phase" amid a fragile peace. While the challenges that lie ahead are very real, Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA), LWR's partner in Northern Afghanistan, cites reasons for Afghanis to have hope in spite of the odds against them.


Expectant Mothers Receive Prenatal Care and Baby Care Kits

In Mali, many women receive no medical care during their pregnancies or deliveries. Oftentimes, this leads to health problems for the baby or mother, and sometimes even death.

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