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LWR staff and volunteers are available to speak at your congregation or event on topics related to our work, in ways that will inspire, motivate and educate your audience. Workshops, keynote addresses, adult forums, youth events and preaching are all possibilities. Availability of speakers is limited due to schedules and other duties so please make your request as far in advance as possible.

For Your Congregation

Fill out a congregational request form

For Your

Fill out an event speaker request form

Or call 800.597.5972 to request a speaker.

Please be prepared to share the following information:

  • Event description
  • Venue and location
  • Date and time
  • Type of presentation and time allotted
  • Preferred subject matter
  • Audience type and expected attendance
  • Opportunities for a special offering or other fundraising effort for LWR in conjunction with the event
  • Opportunities to also have an LWR display at the event
  • Contact person and contact information
  • Honorarium and travel provisions
  • Other information or special requests

Please note that LWR is not able to accept all speaking invitations but will do our best to accommodate your request.

Possible Staff Speakers

Daniel Speckhard

Daniel Speckhard

President & CEO

Read Daniel’s Bio
Jeff Whisenant

Jeff Whisenant

Executive Vice President

Read Jeff’s Bio
Tim McCully

Tim McCully

Vice-President, International Programs

Read Tim’s Bio
John Diefenthaler

Rev. Dr. Jon Diefenthaler

Church Relation Manager

Read John’s Bio
David Fuerst

David Fuerst

Senior Director, Philanthropic Engagement

Read David’s Bio
Emily Sollie

Emily Sollie

Senior Director, Internal Communication and Public Relations

Read Emily’s Bio
Shelly Talcott

Shelly Talcott

Senior Director, Constituent Engagement

Read Shelly’s Bio
Christie Getman

Christie Getman

Senior Director for Program Quality and Technical Support

Read Christie’s Bio
Sara Jane Baublitz

Sara Jane Baublitz

President's Office Relationship Manager

Read Sara Jane’s Bio
Chandler Carriker

Chandler Carriker

Senior Manager, Consistuent Engagement

Read Chandler’s Bio
Melanie Gibbons

Melanie Gibbons

Quilt & Kit Ministry Manager

Read Melanie’s Bio
Dan Ruth

Rev. Dan Ruth

Senior Manager, Interactive Marketing

Read Dan’s Bio
Becca Tumm

Becca Tumm

Philantropic Associate - Congregations

Read Becca’s Bio
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