General Assembly Instructions

Lutheran World Relief’s Quilt & Kit Ministry is highly regarded throughout the world because of the quality and consistency of the Quilts and Kits we share. Your careful adherence to the instructions in this guide will ensure that all LWR Quilts and Kits are:


LWR works closely with our overseas partners to determine the best contents to include in Kits. Your Kits will do the most good possible when containing only the items listed in these guidelines.


Consistency of Quilt sizes and Kit contents helps our partners plan properly for distributing a shipment, and keeps international shipping processes cost-effective and efficient. Disparity in Kit contents can cause costly delays.


When all Kits contain the same items, recipients are treated equally and fairly which is important for those who have already experienced a great deal of injustice or tragedy.

For Quilts and all Kits, please also follow these guidelines:

  • Please give new items only, except where otherwise noted. Sending top quality items shows the greatest care and respect for the dignity of the recipient. Quality items also withstand the harsh conditions that many people who receive these supplies are facing.
  • Please do not donate items with any religious symbols, messages or your congregation’s name. LWR provides Quilts and Kits based on need, regardless of religious creed. Religious references may be misinterpreted by the governments of the receiving countries, jeopardizing the delivery to the people who need the items most.
  • Please do not donate any items decorated with a U.S. flag, patriotic or military symbols, or references to the armed forces, including camouflage. LWR and our overseas partners have access to areas of the world others do not because we are impartial humanitarian organizations. If our intentions are misinterpreted as being politically motivated, our work, our partners and the people we assist could be endangered.


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