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Same great coffee, same great cause, brand new look! LWR's Fair Trade coffee line is now available in cans.
opening quotation markWe should fear and love God that we may … help [our neighbor] to improve and protect his property and business.

– Martin Luther's Small Catechism, 7th Commandment

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What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a trading partnership that seeks greater equity in international trade.

When you buy Fair Trade Coffee & Chocolate,
more of the money you spend reaches the hands of the farmers and families who grew them.

Fair Trade Helps Farmers


photo courtesy: Equal Exchange

Fair Trade products assure that small-scale farmers have been given a fair and dependable price for their crops on the world market.

Farmers gain greater access to credit that helps in creating a more sustainable livelihood. And democratically-run organizations give farmers a stronger voice to negotiate fair prices.

Fair Trade Helps Communities


Through Fair Trade, child labor and forced labor policies are followed, assuring children the opportunity to pursue education for a stronger future.

Farmer associations reinvest social premiums from Fair Trade products in their communities through projects such as:

clean water systems
clean water systems
health clinics
health clinics
expanding schools
expanding schools

And Fair Trade promotes the rights and leadership of women in the community, assuring that children reap the rewards. (Why?)

Fair Trade Helps Creation


Fair Trade encourages more ecologically sustainable farming practices, which not only takes care of God’s creation but also ensures that the farmers’ land will be rich and fruitful for generations to come.

Fair Trade Helps You

Fair Trade and You

Fair Trade delivers delicious high quality coffee and chocolate that reflect your faith and how you live in community with all God’s children. Whether enjoyed at home, at church or as a gift for a loved one, Fair Trade is faithful stewardship for all of God’s creation.

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