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Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund

Help Ship Quilts & Kits

For families who have lost everything due to a natural disaster or violence, small items of comfort — a warm quilt, a bar of soap, a set of pencils — let them know someone across the sea cares. Every year, Lutheran groups and individuals put their hearts and hands into sewing Quilts and assembling Kits of baby, health, school and sewing items, which LWR distributes efficiently and economically. LWR Quilts & Kits convey a priceless message of love and commitment to people in desperate need.

Because of our experience and partnerships on the ground, we are able to deliver more than $14 million worth of Quilts and Kits for just about $1.7 million in operating costs. If you don’t sew or cannot be a part of a kit-making project, give to the Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund. For every $1 you give, someone in need receives $8 worth of essential personal items.

And if you donate $500 now, you have the opportunity to have your name added to our Good Samaritan Quilt Plaza.

Donate now or call 800.597.5972 for a Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund brochure.

Cost of Delivering Quilts & Kits:

Mission Quilt

One Quilt or Fleece Tied Blanket


School Kit

One School Kit


Personal Care Kit

One Personal Care Kit*


Fabric Kit

One Fabric Kit


Baby Care Kit

One Baby Care Kit



(18lb. carton)


Impact & Efficiency

We strive to be good stewards of those gifts, working to ensure every dollar you give does the most good possible.

For every $1 given to LWR, 88 cents supports program work!

Program Work - 88%, Fundraising - 7%, General Admin - 5%

Other Giving Options

Monthly Giving

Become an LWR Sustaining Partner and help us make long-term commitments to help raise up people in desperate need and cut administrative and overhead costs.

Legacy Giving

Include LWR in your will and help us commit to projects while minimizing the overhead costs of fundraising.

Matching Gifts

Many companies encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations by offering matching gift programs.

Workplace Giving

Participate in your workplace’s annual charity fundraising campaign.

Stock and Mutual Funds

Donate stock or mutual funds directly from the DTC system into our custody account.

Thrivent Choice Dollars℠

Donate quickly and easily to Lutheran World Relief with your Thrivent Choice Dollars℠.

Foods Resource Bank

Grow crops in your own fields to raise money for LWR projects through our partner organization, The Foods Resource Bank.

Good Samaritan Quilt Plaza

Honor someone special by sponsoring a brick in his or her name on our Good Samaritan Quilt Plaza at our Headquarters in Baltimore.


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