LWR centers all of its work in a philosophy and framework called “accompaniment,” which means we work in true partnership with — rather than doing for — those in need.

We believe that all people and communities have resources and assets that they can use to improve their own well-being, no matter how poor. We honor their God-given capacity by building on those assets and working through existing organizations whenever possible.

Local Partners

We develop partnerships with existing local organizations that are made up of, or involve, community members. These partnerships are built on

  • mutual trust and respect,
  • shared values and objectives,
  • accountability and transparency, and
  • a willingness to learn, adapt and grow together.

In our partnerships, we take the role of a catalyst for and facilitator of development and social change. Our partners participate in the entire process, from the initial strategies through program management, so that they take the lead in ending poverty, suffering and injustice in their communities.

Following Jesus

As Lutherans, we wholeheartedly believe that true justice, authentic dignity and holistic peace cannot be externally imposed. The life of Jesus is our model for accompaniment, and we strive to walk with others as he did — openly, with compassion and understanding, encouraging one another.

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