Flooding in El Salvador

El Salvador

LWR is here to give people the boost they need to implement great changes. We have many excellent partners in El Salvador who have helped us put effective programs in action.

Your support helps LWR break the cycle of poverty in El Salvador.

  • Distributing relief supplies to families who have been displaced by floods following tropical storms
  • Establishing and training community groups to implement risk reduction plans
  • Practicing risk management methods such as evacuation plans with school children
  • Making homes safer and cleaner by installing concrete floors
  • Forming and equipping fire and rescue brigades

  • Helping communities adapt to climate change and minimize the damage from natural hazards

  • Boosting production of crops and income by providing technical training, for example, on producing homemade organic fertilizer or raising better livestock

  • Providing business management training to farmers and local entrepreneurs
  • Supporting the formation of farmer cooperatives or associations for processing harvests and marketing agricultural products
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