Violence and conflict is currently affecting Mali. It is estimated that over 227,000 people are currently internally displaced and nearly 168,000 have fled to neighboring countries. 4.3 million people in Mali are in need of humanitarian assistance.

When LWR worked with a women’s shallot-growers collective in an arid part of Mali, one of the women told us, “Just give us water. We can do the work, and God will provide the growth.” So LWR helped the community build irrigation reservoirs.

Without this water, these women’s efforts did not earn enough for them to support their families. Now, the women have quadrupled their harvests and can produce three crop cycles rather than one in a year. They can send all their children — even the girls — to school.

Your donations help LWR combat poverty in Mali on many fronts.

  • Promoting in-demand, drought-tolerant and pest-resistant crop varieties that enable farmers to harvest earlier and sell more
  • Repairing and protecting crop irrigation systems
  • Introducing labor-saving processing technologies that help farmers maximize their time and their profits

  • Improving irrigation systems

  • Using existing networks of farmers and financial institutions to spread malaria prevention and treatment messages to more than 400,000 people
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