Woman and child under mosquito net

Health & Livelihoods

Diseases like malaria and HIV disproportionately affect people living in poverty. While being poor makes individuals and communities more vulnerable to the disease, its direct and indirect costs can also cripple economic vitality, and have lasting detrimental effects on local livelihoods. LWR orks both to educate people about malaria and other diseases of poverty and to improve their economic situation so they are able to access health care services. By improving health care access and availability and ensuring proper use of preventive measures like bed nets, LWR is helping stem the tide of malaria and other devastating diseases.

How You Can Help

  • $1 can help a child with malaria receive medicine.
  • $10 can provide a family with a treated bed net and proper education on its use.
  • $50 can pay for the cost of prevention messages on a local radio station in Africa.
  • $100 can help train a health care worker to diagnose and treat malaria.
  • $1,000 can provide microscopes and other medical equipment to rural health clinics.

The Lutheran Malaria Initiative

The Lutheran Malaria Initiative is an unprecedented campaign to mobilize U.S. Lutherans to help end malaria deaths in Africa.

An expression of our faith and of God’s love for all, the Lutheran Malaria Initiative educates Lutherans about malaria, advocates for global health initiatives, and raises funds to help combat malaria. LMI is made possible through support from the United Nations Foundation.

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