Farmer in fields


In the countries where LWR works, agriculture is the backbone of rural life and of the economy. Almost everyone is a farmer: 70 or 80 percent of the labor force work on small farms. Yet despite the important role small farmers play in the world’s food production, they rarely benefit much from their labor.

LWR works with small-scale farmers to:
  • increase their food security, which is the human right to sufficient, nutritious, culturally appropriate food for all people at all times to help them live free from hunger and lead healthy and productive lives.
  • help them participate in the agricultural value chain, which include all the steps necessary to bring products from conception to end user. These steps include procurement of inputs, conversion of inputs into products, marketing and sales, supply chain logistics, and customer service activities. LWR believes that as farmers participate in more steps along the chain, they increase their ability to raise their income.
We do this by helping them access credit, learn about improved agricultural imputs and techniques, increase their yields, access markets and, ultimately, improve their incomes — so the people who feed the world don’t have to worry about feeding their own families.

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