Quilt & Kit Tracker

Want to know where your LWR Quilts & Kits go?

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With LWR’s new Quilt & Kit Tracker, you can find out!

Follow the journey of your gifts of love as they make their way around the world.

Step 1

LOG ON to the LWR Quilt & Kit Tracker and find your congregation.
Username: Donor01
Password: 2012BSC

Step 2

PRINT out a special barcode to put on your boxes of Quilts & Kits.

Step 3

TRACK your Quilts online as they travel overseas to people in need!

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Quilt & Kit Tracker How To Guide
Download Printable Instructions
NOTE: If you’ve already packaged Quilts & Kits to send to LWR, there is no need to go back and barcode them! Also note that using the LWR Quilt & Kit Tracker is optional and is not required in order to donate LWR Quilts & Kits. However, only boxes that have been barcoded can be tracked through the Quilt & Kit Tracker.

If you have any additional questions, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

LWR Quilt & Kit Pipeline

Quilts and Kits make a long journey to get to their recipients.

It’s a journey that takes time and careful preparation.

Map GraphicThroughout the year many volunteers come together to make LWR Quilts and assemble LWR Kits. The Quilts and Kits are shipped to one of LWR’s two warehouses in Minnesota or Maryland.

Map GraphicOnce items reach the warehouse, they are sorted and packed by staff and volunteers, both to prevent damage but also to ensure efficient and cost-effective packing. It takes about a month from the time Quilts & Kits arrive at the warehouse to when they are processed, repacked and ready for shipment.

Map GraphicIn, the meantime, LWR staff work with partners overseas to determine where and what items are most needed. LWR then notifies its warehouses to prepare the necessary materials for shipment. This process takes one to two months

Map GraphicOnce the Quilts and Kits are prepared for shipment, materials travel by ocean freight to the receiving partner in countries around the world. This process can take from one to two months, depending on which warehouse the materials are sent from and to which country they are going.

From there our partners get items cleared through customs, transfer them to storage (where they can be safely held until they can be distributed) and sort them according to local needs.

The time and care put into each step in the journey of your Quilts & Kits are meant to ensure that your gifts of love arrive safely and in good condition, and in a manner that promotes the dignity of the recipient.