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The LWR Chocolate Project


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2013 Quilt Campaign

With news of child labor, human trafficking and slavery in the cocoa farming industry even the most devoted chocaholic can hesitate when reaching for that chocolate bar.

The LWR Chocolate project offers a sweet alternative: Fair Trade chocolate from Divine Chocolate.

With our Fair Trade partner, SERRV, the LWR Chocolate Project delivers high quality Fair Trade chocolate directly from the Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farmer’s association in Ghana. And the farmers of Kuapa Kokoo have an ownership stake in Divine Chocolate and sit on the Board of Directors so they are truly involved with your chocolate from bean to bar.

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Divine Chocolate & Kuapa Kokoo

“Pa pa paa. (The best of the best.)”

— Kuapa Kokoo’s motto.

Kuapa Kokoo (“Good Cocoa Farmers Company” in the local Twi language) is a democratically operated, Fair Trade Certified cooperative in Ghana, West Africa.

Kuapa Kokoo’s 45,000 members use environmentally responsible farming techniques and oppose child labor. They receive a fair price on their cocoa beans and spread the wealth by investing in their communities. By doing so, they set a good example — and are a source of knowledge — for other farmers.

Kuapa Kokoo is part owner of Divine Chocolate, making it the first ever farmer-owned brand of chocolate. Kuapa Kokoo supplies the cocoa, and Divine processes the chocolate and brings it to market.

Because we believe so strongly in our work with Kuapa Kokoo, LWR also owns shares of Divine Chocolate and has a voice on their Board of Directors.


LWR’s Chocolate Project Partner: SERRV

LWR has partnered with SERRV, a nonprofit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin, since 1999. Their mission is “to eradicate poverty wherever it resides by providing opportunity and support to artisans and farmers worldwide.”

SERRV handles all the ordering, billing and fulfillment of your order from the LWR Chocolate Project.

SERRV donates 4% of your purchase through the LWR Chocolate Project to LWR’s work of ending poverty, injustice and human suffering around the world.

The Small Farmer Fund

Gumutindo Coffee Farmer

The Small Farmer Fund supports LWR’s agricultural programs, providing the tools and training that small-scale farmers need to improve their enterprises and make a better life for their families.

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