Honduran Farmer


In Honduras, LWR works with remote communities facing many challenges. Our work helps families who are struggling to farm as soil fertility and rainfall diminish year by year.

With your support, LWR works the end poverty in remote regions of Honduras.

  • Helping families find ways to increase their income and support themselves
  • Introducing community organizations to opportunities for financing and fundraising

  • Encouraging and equipping farmers to grow a variety of crops that will bring in a steadier income than coffee does
  • Training farmers in effective food processing and storage methods such as using solar dryers for coffee, herbs and corn
  • Connecting farmers with distributors who can buy their crops
  • Installing tilapia ponds and providing aquaculture training
  • Improving the fertility of the land so that it can continue to support farming, such as by introducing soil replenishing crops

  • Encouraging (and teaching) forest-preserving methods of farming — because saving the forests keeps rainfall levels up and prevents desertification
  • Working with community councils on public outreach to promote and teach land management to conserve native forests
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