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John Nunes and Norma Good, passionate supporter and long-time local leader for LWR.
John Nunes and Norma Good, passionate supporter and long-time local leader for LWR.

Hug a Quilter,
Change a Life

A message from outgoing LWR President and CEO John Nunes

Recently, staff at Lutheran World Relief came to me with a story idea. As part of my farewell communications, they’d capture me in photos hugging quilters. What a joyous way to end my tenure at an organization whose mission is so guided by love!

And as I thought about this happy assignment, I realized that here at LWR when we speak of our Quilt & Kit Ministry, we tend to speak in terms of the giving and receiving of affection.

Our staff invites Lutherans like you to reach out as the hands of Christ and join together with your brothers and sisters in need around the world. We describe the receiving of a Quilt as recipients describe it to us: like an embrace, a warm hug that shows the receiver they are not forgotten.

Mother and Child from Peru wrapped in LWR Mission Quilt.
This mother, who lives in Peru, received an LWR Quilt through our local partner organization, Caritas, and the Mother of Mercy Women’s House, which welcomes youth, single mothers, orphans and the elderly who want to learn a trade.

Even in our 2013 Quilt Campaign this language can be found: Tied in Faith. Sent in Hope. Wrapped in Love.

It has never ceased to amaze me how we are all united under that one common mission of love.

Dedication to that mission can be found at every level of this ministry. It’s in the hearts and hands of those who assemble LWR Quilts and Kits. It’s in the devotion of staff and partners in our warehouses and overseas who ensure your gifts reach their destination safely and are given to those most in need. And it’s in the smiles and hearts of those who receive Quilts and Kits, knowing that someone cared enough to reach out to them.

As I make the very difficult transition to my next calling, I want to honor the commitment, dedication and love that are ever present in LWR’s Quilt & Kit Ministry. And I need your help.

As my parting legacy, I’d like to ensure that LWR has the funds it needs to send Quilts and Kits to people in need around the world, both now and long into the future. That’s why I’m asking you to make a gift to LWR’s Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund today.

It costs just $2.25 to ship an LWR Quilt overseas and all gifts make a difference. How awesome would it be to provide Quilts to 10, 50, 100 people?

Many of you quilt for LWR. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the time, resources and prayers you put into every donation. If you’re not yet involved, this is an easy way to “get in on it.” You don’t need any extraordinary skills to change a life with an LWR Quilt — just a heart longing to answer God’s call to love and serve.

So next time you see an LWR quilter — hug them! Then give a gift honoring their work and become a part of this great ministry that touches lives and spans borders.

In Christ,

John's Sugnature

John A. Nunes
President and CEO

Effective September 1, John Nunes will resign his role as president and CEO of LWR to accept the Emil and Elfriede Jochum Chair at Valparaiso University, an endowed professorship supporting the study of Christian values in public and professional life.

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