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Men and Women with Their Quilts
In early 2012, the Christian Council of Tanzania distributed more than 1,000 LWR Mission Quilts to people in need living in the Dodoma region.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ and Quilts

By Nikki Massie

Rhoda lives in Mwanzange, a home for the elderly in Tanga City, in northeastern Tanzania. She doesn’t know how old she is but when she was admitted to the home eight years ago, staff estimated her age to be about 75.

Like the other residents of the home, Rhoda lives there because she has a disability — she is nearly blind — and has nobody to take care of her.

Mikola Mkonongo knows his age, 80, and has lived within the Sukamahela community for elderly people with leprosy since 1961. Leprosy is a debilitating disease that carries a heavy social stigma. But Mikola has found solace — he keeps a small garden where he grows corn for himself and his wife, Elizabeth. But lately it’s been so dry he’s been unable to harvest.

Josephine Joel, 47, lives in the Fungafunga home located in the Morogoro municipality. After a series of unfortunate events left her ill and alone, she found her way to the home for people with disabilities. “God knows for how long I will be here,” Josephine says. These are just a few of the people whose lives were touched by Quilts and Kits, distributed in early 2012 by LWR partner Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT). Of all the items CCT distributes, says Fellowes Mwaisela, CCT’s director, LWR Mission Quilts are most popular. “Quilts are the first preference, compared to other [items],” says Mwaisela.

CCT distributed 1,169 LWR Mission Quilts, along with Fabric Kits, Personal Care Kits and School Kits, to people in the Dodoma region in various circumstances of need, including “orphans, groups of widows, homes of old people and residences of people suffering from leprosy,” Mwaisela notes.

A Tanzanian man displays his LWR Mission Quilt.
A Tanzanian man displays his LWR Mission Quilt.

The Quilts came as a welcome surprise to some, such as the leader of a group of refugees from Ethiopia who said, “We did not expect this act of love.” Others saw their gift as an expression of God’s love.

“The Quilts that you provided show how loving and empathetic you are,” says the officer in charge of the Nunge home for the disabled, near Dar Es Salaam. “The residents have been so comforted by the materials you provided. Thank you very much and may God bless you.” Tanzania is one of the countries to which LWR hopes to increase LWR Quilt distributions through the LWR Quilt Campaign, LWR’s effort to collect 500,000 Quilts to send to people in need around the world!

If you’ve never quilted for LWR before, this is a great time to start! If you’re already part of a quilting group, could you group make just a few more? Visit lwr.org/quiltcampaign to learn more and get started!

Nikki Massie is LWR’s Staff Writer.

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