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You've Helped Her Unwrap a Better Life
Oliva Kishen - Cofee Farmer
Rev. Bruce Burnside, Bishop of the South-Central Wisconsin Synod, visited San Luis, Nicaragua for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the village's new well.

Did you know that this year, you helped change the world?

In 2012, people like you have given over $450,000 to LWR Gifts, resulting in more than 2,100 Gifts given worldwide.

You’ve changed lives for women in San Luis, Nicaragua, where LWR Gifts supports clean water projects that are improving health and living conditions. In that village, your gifts helped to install one new well and improve seven existing wells, benefiting 110 families.1

A San Luis woman shared, “With this well, we can see, touch and drink the love of God.”

Your generosity made that happen. What will we do together in the year ahead?

Oliva Kishen - Cofee Farmer
The first glass of water is poured from the village's new well.

When you give an LWR Gift, like a Community Water System, you supply everyday necessities that create opportunities and transform lives worldwide.

Your gift gives independence, self-sufficiency, sustainable income and real hope.

Take a few minutes and visit lwrgifts.org to explore the opportunities waiting for you in 2013.

And thank you for being a different kind of gift giver. You have been a blessing to many.


1This project included a seed distribution and technical support for families to plant gardens. All 110 families have established home gardens where they grow vegetables and basic grains.
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