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Aida Ampatua's family

Aida Ampatua's family is one of 1,600 families in Marawi City in the Philippines that received assistance through a cash transfer program supported by LWR.

A Path to Recovery

By Corazon Lagamayo

Aida Ampatua and her 13 children live in the day care center where they evacuated nearly four months ago, after Tropical Storm Washi devastated their family home in Marawi City in the southern Philippines. Aida’s village received almost no emergency assistance since the storm hit last December because the region falls outside of government priority areas.

In Iligan City, Roberto Tanian, a fisherman and father of five, lost his home and his source of income in the storm. His fishing nets were washed away by the rampaging flood water and his small store was completely destroyed.

But today, through cash transfer programs supported by Lutheran World Relief (LWR), Aida and Roberto are able to buy food for their families and begin a path to recovery.

Aida’s family is one of 1,600 families in 26 villages in Marawi City that received cash assistance through a program supported by LWR, in partnership with the Maranao Development Center, Inc. (Maradeca). Each family received approximately $80, which is equivalent to about one month’s income in the area.

“After receiving the money, I was able to pay my debts, purchase food and even buy a thin foam mat that will serve as our bed,” says Aida.

Roberto Tanian

Roberto Tanian receives cash assistance in to begin rebuilding his life and livelihood after Tropical Storm Washi destroyed his home and means of income.

Roberto says that the money he received through a partnership between LWR and the Southern Philippines Educational Cooperative Center (MASS-SPECC) could not have come at a better time. “The timing is just right because there is no more relief assistance here,” he says.

In Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro City — some of the hardest hit areas — 4,000 families received cash assistance to begin rebuilding their lives. They were also given the option to become a member of the Cooperative, which offers loan programs and insurance.

Cash transfer programs empower families like Aida’s and Roberto’s to begin their path recovery. You can be part in LWR’s continued response with a gift to our Philippines Floods fund. LWR needs to raise an additional $250,000 to help families recover from this disaster. Your compassionate support will help farmers recover their losses and rebuild their livelihoods.

LWR also needs Quilts and Kits to continue responding to this emergency and others around the world. To learn more about LWR Quilts and Kits, visit lwr.org/getinvolved.

As LWR’s long-term response takes shape, we’re committed to keeping you informed about how your prayers and gifts are making a difference. You can get the latest information by signing up to follow LWR on Twitter or like our Facebook page.

Corazon Lagamayo LWR’s Communications Officer for the Philippines.

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