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Women proudly displaying their quilts.

LWR's Melanie Gibbons joins first-time quilters Chures Ragan and Carolyn Berry of Summerville, SC as they show off the Quilts they made at the 2011 Triennial Gathering of the Women of the ELCA.

Women of the ELCA
on Bold Women's Day

By Brenda Meier Kimaro

February 26 is Bold Women’s Day, a special day set aside by Women of the ELCA to celebrate Lutheran women who act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ.

For Women of the ELCA participant Trish Williams, bold acts are wrapped in the soft comfort of Lutheran World Relief Quilts.

“I tie three knots — one for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Spirit,” explained Trish as she taught a group of women how to tie the layers of an LWR Mission Quilt at the 2011 Triennial Gathering of the Women of the ELCA. “That way, I pray every knot into that Quilt.”

Trish has organized and led the quilting project at every Triennial Gathering since 2005. With great skill and palpable passion, Trish and dozens of other dedicated women completed 80 Quilts for LWR at the most recent Gathering in Spokane, Washington last July.

“I am inspired in so many ways by Women of the ELCA’s commitment to act boldly in faith…as individuals, congregational groups, at the synodical level and as a national organization,” says Brenda Meier Kimaro, LWR’s director for congregational engagement. “They are bold in their witness to their faith, and to Christ’s love!”

Women stitching quilt squares together.

Women of the ELCA stitched 80 Quilts for LWR at the most recent Gathering of the Women of the ELCA last July.

When it comes to bold acts of faith, LWR is blessed to be in partnership with Women of the ELCA:

Women of the ELCA sew boldly. Last year, LWR shipped more than 350,000 Mission Quilts to families in need in 20 countries around the world. Each Quilt was a gift of comfort and a symbol of love from U.S. Lutherans — many of whom are Women of the ELCA.

Women of the ELCA drink boldly…Fair Trade coffee, that is! In 1997, when LWR officially launched the LWR Coffee Project, it was Women of the ELCA who immediately got behind the project and helped make it a wonderful success. In 2011, Women of the ELCA and other Lutherans drank more than 113 tons of Fair Trade coffee — that’s a serious caffeine rush!

Women of the ELCA give boldly. Generous and ongoing financial support, as designated gifts through Women of the ELCA or direct gifts to LWR, are making amazing things possible around the world. Because of Women of the ELCA’s generosity, families coping with disaster have clean water to drink, small-scale farmers are increasing their crop yield for more food to eat and sell, and women are learning to read in order to understand and exercise their rights.

This Sunday, LWR celebrates Bold Women’s Day with gratitude to Women of the ELCA for their partnership in ministry, which is foundational for our work to fight poverty and promote a more just and peaceful world by helping people help themselves.

To learn about Women of the ELCA and Bold Women’s Day, visit womenoftheelca.org.

Brenda Meier Kimaro is LWR’s Director for Congregational Engagement.

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