The son of coffee farmer Lindor Wisly (right) stands with another child from the community of Dondon, Haiti. Although the boy on the left is three years  older, lack of food may have contributed to his smaller size.
Charles Sylvain lives with his wife and seven children in the mountains of Haiti, where he’s been a coffee farmer all his life. “Coffee is everything I am,” says Charles. So when his coffee harvest fails, basic needs
like school fees for the kids and having enough food are beyond their reach.Lindor Wisly

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Your gift today fights poverty for families in urgent need.

With help from donors like you, Lutheran World Relief is working with farmers like Charles Sylvain to better manage his coffee plants and try disease-resistant varieties to cope with the devastating leaf rust. And he’s learned to plant other crops like peas, plantains and vegetables — so his family no longer depends on the coffee harvest alone.

Charles is so grateful to friends like you for helping them live better lives. Things aren’t easy, but Charles and his family have a brighter future now. His children go hungry less often. And that’s such a blessing.

You can bring hope and sustainable solutions to hungry families like Charles’.